This course teaches the correct and safe operation of a Skid Steer Loader. Over a span of seven modules we will cover topics like the parts and functions of a Skid Steer Loader, safety guide, daily checks, checklists and logbooks, the principals of operation and mechanical appreciation as well as signals, signs and operating procedures.

We will make use of reading material, activities and learning aids to help develop an understanding of how to operate a Skid Steer Loader.

(Unit Standard: 262712 – NQF Level: 2 – Credits: 8) – operate truck-mounted cranes

Is this course accredited?


With which SETA’s?


For how long is the certificate valid?

2 years

When can Refresher training be done?

When the current operator licenses has not expired by more than 90 x days already

How long is a Refresher course?

It is done in 1 x Day

When must Novice training be done?

When the person has never had an operator license before of if it expired by more than 90 x days

How long is the Novice course?

The Novice course is done over 5 x days (according to Credits it is actually supposed to be done in 7 x days but not all clients can release their staff from work for this period of time)

What is the MAX amount of staff that can attend this training?

As per the L.E.R. only 4 x people can do the skid steer loader course at a time

Does this training only have practical training?

No it consists out of both theory and practical training

What if my staff cannot read or write?

Then an oral assessment will be done with them as the presentation are done verbally.