Health and Safety Act: The Importance of being Informed

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In order to illustrate the vitality of educating your staff in, and remaining up-to-date with relevant rules and regulations, such as the Health and Safety Act; Strat Training invites you to learn from the following case study:  […]

Scaffolding Safety? Here is your Strategy!

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In the construction industry there exists a well-known three-pronged approach to scaffolding safety practices. The first factor that needs to be taken into consideration when judging scaffolding safety is whether or not the scaffold itself has been erected in accordance with specific scaffolding safety protocols. The second policy against which safety standards can be measured when working at height is the use of the appropriate protective apparel and apparatus. Lastly, whether a company or employee is working safely at height is determined by judging the company or individual’s adherence to existing guidelines for working safely at heights.  […]

Three ways to Stay Safe this Holiday

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  It’s the festive season, holiday time for many and invariably it involves at least some travelling. Whether navigating between home and a vacation spot or to and from parties, gatherings and functions, there is a good chance you’ll be spending more time on the road this month. […]

Are you Staying Safe when Working at Height?

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Falling is still one of the biggest causes of major injuries and fatalities. Work at height (work performed in a location where, if the necessary precautions are not in place, one could fall a distance likely to cause personal injury) often poses the risk of falling through poorly constructed surfaces or from ladders. […]

Harassment in the Workplace

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The South African Constitution promotes the Protection from Harassment Act, 2010 (Act No. 17 of 2010). All people in South Africa should be allowed and not denied their rights to equality, privacy, dignity, and security; according to the Act. In working situations, it can often be difficult to know and understand whether or not you have been harassed, and how to deal with it. This article will give you  a couple of guidelines about dealing with harassment. […]

How to Handle a Chainsaw

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  Using a chainsaw as a power tool is great to get large scale jobs done such as tree cutting. As with most things in life, that which is most powerful can also be most dangerous and therefore requires particular precautions. […]

Why and How to Become a Paramedic

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  At the time of medical emergencies such as accidents or natural disasters, paramedics are the first people to respond and reach the site to care for and save the injured. […]

Are Our Schools Safe as Houses?

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School is an environment that for some can be safe and friendly while for others it can be difficult and threatening. Whether there is a safety issue from lack of equipment and procedures or from out-of-control bullying, safety should always be top priority. So how do we make our schools safe? […]

Why Personal Safety Comes First

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Personal safety is a concept that we all need to have in order to feel at peace and minimally comfortable. Many people know of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which places safety and security second on the list. This means that after satisfying our physiological needs we need to feel safe. Today, this means being able to sleep at night without being threatened, having job security, as well as mental, health, and emotional well being. […]

Radio Procedure

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Strat Training is known for its training in Health and Safety with regards to first aid training, fire fighting, dangerous goods handling and transportation, and equipment. However, Strat Training is not only successful in training these various courses, we also offer training in marketing, chairmanship, and for this article, radio procedures. […]

Why its worth being an advanced driver

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  Most people have an erroneous belief that they are good drivers, even if they haven’t experienced a case where their safety was at risk. As far as driving is concerned, it becomes very important to ponder the worst scenarios while on the road, as just one mistake can put several lives at risk and only one careful step can save lives. That is the major reason why the basics of driving are not always enough. To turn into a highly skilled driver, all that is missing in your life is an advanced driving course. […]

The Occupational Health and Safety Act – P1


THE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ACT Introduction The Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993, requires the employer to bring about and maintain, as far as reasonably practicable, a work environment that is safe and without risk to the health of [...]