First Aid

Is prioritizing safety an inconvenience?

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We’ve all heard the big bosses say “safety is our top priority”, “safety first”, “our number one priority is the safety of our employees”, and the like, but what about when actions speak louder than words? What happens when the big boss upstairs decides that proper safety protocols are eating away at his billable hours, or his rate of production, or, heaven forbid, his profit margin? How does a company recover from an overseer who views prioritizing safety as an inconvenience? […]

Why and How to Become a Paramedic

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  At the time of medical emergencies such as accidents or natural disasters, paramedics are the first people to respond and reach the site to care for and save the injured. […]

The Real Dangers of Allergic Reactions

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We often think of health and safety in terms of sky high building regulations or how to get out if there is a fire. However, some of the most dangerous and frightening health and safety situations can happen when you are at home or out in town and would never think that it is needed. […]

First Aid: How to Handle Burns

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If you find yourself in a situation where you or someone else has been burned, you need to respond quickly. Burn injuries are a serious health and safety issue and account for over 300 000 deaths every year. […]

Handling a Heart Attack without First Aid Training

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If you find yourself in a situation where someone is having a heart attack and you have no medical training, we hope that you consider taking a first aid course for the future! But for now, here are some tips on how to handle the situation. […]

Why you need to do a First Aid Course

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How prepared are you to face emergency situations? Do you think that you can confidently help people when they are faced with the most troublesome kind of situation? What are you most likely to do when you see a person who trips and falls and ends up with a bloodied face? How about if someone gets caught in a fire or when there is this person who suddenly gets an asthma attack and stops breathing? How will you revive him? All of these things can be done by you if you have a good and ample background in first aid training. Sure enough, accidents form part of the most common things that occur in this world. […]

First Aid basics

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Learning basic first aid techniques can help you cope with an emergency. You may be able to keep a person breathing, reduce their pain or minimise the consequences of injury or sudden illness until an ambulance arrives. This could mean the difference between life and death for them. […]

First Aid – The First Option For Help

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Are you getting enough treatment and care? Whenever someone faces unusual physical circumstances, the first thing you seek is for instant care and treatment. First aid is the provision for an illness or injury. That is usually performed by a non-expert person to the sick or injured person until a proper medical treatment is provided to the patient. […]