Dangerous Goods

Workplace Injury

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In spite of all types of precautions or preparations, accidents can occur anywhere whether it is on the roads, at home or at your workplace. Still, ┬áproper measures need to be taken to avoid or limit the injuries or damage caused by them. […]

The transportation of dangerous goods

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  Carrying goods by road or rail involves the risk of traffic accidents. If the goods carried are dangerous, there is also the risk of an incident, such as spillage of the goods, leading to hazards such as fire, explosion, chemical burn or environmental damage. […]

Getting a DGSA for Dangerous Goods Handling

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The carriage and transportation of goods is one that involves many potential risks. Greater hazards are posed when the goods in transit are themselves considered dangerous materials. Undesirable incidents and unforeseen errors can harm not only the company, but also the environment and community. Logistical threats in this industry, ranging from theft and accidents to simple mechanical problems can be minimised, prevented and rightfully addressed with the help of a DGSA or dangerous goods safety advisor. […]